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A Checklist of Practical Airsoft Accessories

Playing in airsoft events can be as fun as you make it, but the sport is a lot more fun when you accessorize.

Speaking of which, here are a ton of practical airsoft accessories that pretty much any player can appreciate.

A mag speedloader: Let’s be real. You might not mind manually loading a 20-something-round airsoft mag for a pistol a few times, but a mid or high-cap mag? Forget it. Get a speedloader.

Spare magazines: One is none and two is one, especially in competitive play. Oh, and keep them loaded and in easy reach in your vest.

Spare batteries/gas: If you have an AEG, keep spare (charged) batteries in your vest, and make sure you bring a charger with you to the event. If you shoot a GBB airsoft gun, keep several spare gas canisters in your vest.

Spare airsoft ammo: This should go without saying, you’re dead in the water if you don’t have extra.

A tactical vest: A tactical vest is a lifesaver in a MilSim or airsoft event. It will give you an easy way to neatly arrange everything you bring into a match, and keep it at arm’s reach.

A cleaning kit: If you drop your airsoft gun or get it wet, you should probably clean it before you get home, and for that, you need a cleaning kit. Bring along some patches, compressed air, silicone oil, and a dry lubricant, too.

Some tools for field stripping: You can’t field-strip the gun if you don’t have the tools. A few driver bits and wrenches should do the trick, most of the time.

Vert grips (for airsoft rifles): Some vert grips can be folded up along the forend, making it easier to handle the rifle. Not a must for all players, but definitely valuable for many.

Holsters (for airsoft pistols): Get a quickdraw holster if you can, as you’ll want easy, fast access to your airsoft sidearm.

Optics: There are all different sorts of airsoft optics, including reflex and red dot sights and scopes, but all of them can help you improve your game.

A sling: Get a sling, preferably a one-point sling for your AEG, which will improve retention of the rifle if you ever have to draw your sidearm.

An airsoft gun case: Very helpful for transporting an airsoft gun safely, and plus, it keeps things discreet.

Tracer units: Tracer units are a hell of a lot of fun to use and they make it easier to lay down suppressive fire and to see where your shots are going, even with a poor mount.

Heavy gloves: You’ll be glad you wear them in an airsoft event, especially if you take a shot on your knuckles at close range. Mechanix Gloves are a great choice for airsoft.

A full face mask: The airsoft arena might let you get away with goggles, but more than one airsoft player has had a tooth chipped before. Our advice is go with the full mask or at least cover the bottom of your face with a bandana.

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