How do I check in with Tarom Airlines

Check In with Tarom Airlines is simple as it takes only a few seconds. There are multiple ways to check-in with Tarom Airlines. The best way is to check-in. Moreover, there are many cases where you can not check-in online like if you are travelling with a pet or travelling with heavy luggage. Passengers can check-in online at their comfort of home using the official website or mobile app. Here in this write up we will share the steps to check-in with Tarom Airlines. Keep reading to know about the check-in rules of Tarom Airlines.

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Ways to check-in with Tarom Airlines

Passengers can check-in with Tarom Airlines in following ways-

  • Using mobile application

  • Using Tarom website

  • At Airport Counter

  • Using KIOSK Machine

Process of Tarom Check-in

Tarom Passengers can check-in with the above mentioned ways. Here are the steps to check-in using Tarom airlines.

Tarom Online Check in

  • Open the official Website portal of Tarom Airlines which is

  • Visit the check-in section under My Trip or Manage booking.

  • Select the check-in option here from the given choices.

  • After that check-in by entering the flight number, route or Flight confirmation number.

  • Save and download the boarding pass after check-in

Tarom Offline Check in

Passengers are required to visit the airport for offline check-in. The first and most popular way of check-in is to visit the Tarom counter at the airport for check-in and provide them with your details. You can carry your e-ticket or hard copy of the ticket and give it to the executive for check-in. There is one more thing you should take care of which is you should arrive at the airport at least 2-3 hours for check-in.

Tarom KIOSK Check in

KIOSK is a self-check-in machine which is available at the airport. Passengers can find the machine and complete the check-in process. This machine will take the details from you and allow you to check-in in simple ways so that you can enjoy a convenient and comfortable journey experience which is also hassle-free.

What Can You Do Along with Tarom Check-in

By default, you are allocated a seat number on the airplane. Simply hit the Change Seat button to select a different seat. You can also modify the seats for the people that checked in at the previous stage. The seat of your choice might not be available. Other travellers may have already reserved certain seats. Furthermore, the Company reserves a set number of seats for customers with special requirements, such as families with children or people with impairments.


All flight information will be presented, including the date, departure time, flight number, departure airport, arrival airport, class of service, and airline operator code (if different from the airline shown on your ticket). If your schedule contains a flight connection, that information will also be presented. You can complete check-in procedures for both flights and a single boarding permit will be given. Similarly, if the return flight is planned within 24 hours of the start of the trip, you can complete the check-in process for that journey as well.

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